About us

We Sell Our Furniture, founded in 2014, is a young label in the interior world.

Our vision is offering well designed unique items in your own favorite style, using quality materials from wood to metal, and for a correct price. Over the years, We Sell Our Furniture built the experience to combine beauty and esthetics with user-friendlyness. We feel at home in different areas such as home interior, offices, (coffee)bars, restaurants, shops, museums, terrasses, etc.

To help you even more we don’t only offer the design and manufacturing of furniture, but also the skills to execute your entire renovation. Even when there is electrical or plumbing work to do, we can handle it.

As each realisation is custom-made we guarantee an approach where everything is possible. We won’t say no to crazy ideas, we can take it even further ! We adapt our designs till it matches your taste and budget completely. Not only do we look to the situation of your family or business today, we also take into account what it will be in the future to assure your pieces can grow with you.

Kobe Meeus (1989) is a product designer with a passion for interior and furniture design. He started We Sell Our Furniture by restoring and selling vintage furniture. Over the years he created his own style and way of working. Soon he saw it bigger and decided to create furniture himself by developping the brand to what it is now, and what it will be tomorrow.

Want to know more about our realisations, projects and the way we work ? Check our projects and feel free to contact us or request a quote. Need for an internship in wood and metal work ? Take your chance !

Way Of Working

How we get things done

1. Request a quote through the quote section of this website, by sending us an e-mail or giving us a call.
We recommend you to give us as much information as possible (measurments, pictures, ideas, …) so that we can advise you correctly.

2. We will contact you back within +/- one week.
Depending on the project we will arange a first visit on site to brainstorm, take measurments and show the possibilities with samples. For free standing furniture (tables, tv-cabinets, …) we will immediately make you a first design with a rough calculation of the price. This gives us a good base to start developing your furniture. Of course we can arrange a visit after, if you desire so !

3. Based on your feedback we will adapt and develop your design till it meets your taste and budget.

4. As soon as we receive your GO!, we will order all the materials and start building.

5. We will discuss with you the time line and arrange an installation day.

6. You will enjoy your new piece of furniture!
All materials we use are natural products, so there is always a possibility that they react to the change of temperature and moisture in its new environment. If this happens we, of course, come back to touch up and fine tune your drawers and doors.

We are available for questions during the whole process. You are always welcome to visit our work shop to see the evolution of your piece of furniture, to have a chat, or just to have a cup of coffee!


Of course! But we only do visits on appointment.

We don’t sell any standard pieces, so we don’t have a shop that sells our furniture. We only work custom on demand. Feel free to visit the coffee bars and concept stores we designed.

There are some materials we often use, but there are no limitations. We like working with new materials, so anything is possible.

This might be possible, but it depends on the design and project. Please contact us for more information.

It all depends on the size of the project, meaning it can take between a few weeks and a few months. In case of urgency we search for solutions to make sure we can keep up with your time line.