Who am I

I am Kobe Meeus, a product designer with a passion for interior en furniture design
As a young designer I was always looking at products, furniture, appliances, cars,… in a way where I was thinking “what would I do differently to this design” to finish it of or to make it better in my eyes.
So for me it was always obvious that one day I would start my own company with my own designs.

In the beginning of my young career I used to do all kinds of different jobs from Mechanical designer and prototyper all the way to curtain and textile salesmen. After working for a lighting company for 1,5years, I decided it was time to start on my own company where I was free to design and create whatever I thought was pretty and felt good for me.

During the 3 Years, that We Sell Our Furniture exists now, I created my own style and way of working. And it all grew from buying some second hand furniture which I then modified or restored. In combination of these old pieces I also created my own line of furniture, handmade to order, this way I was able to also create items from scratch.

You might be wondering why it is called “We Sell Our Furniture” in stead of “I Sell My Furniture”?
The main reason for this is very simple, I get a LOT of help from friends, colleagues, family,… I wouldn’t be able to do what I love without them for which I’m very grate full, thank you all!