Who are we

I am a Kobe meeus, a product designer with a passion for interior en furniture design!
Besides We Sell Our Furniture I also do some different kind of jobs but the fun only starts when I get back to my workshop, my little mancave,
where I can let my creativity and ideas go wild.

My favorite style at the moment is vintage/retro items but I’m not afraid to get in touch with other styles,
myself i prefer a combination of modern sleak look with the warmth and  elegance of Scandinavian furniture design.
In my little spare time I can’t keep my mind from wandering and redesigning, in my head, everything I see on my path
on how I would make it a stronger design. You might say design is kind of an obsession of mine and I like to surround myself
with all kinds of gorgeous and curious things!

You might be wondering why it is called “We Sell Our Furniture” in stead of “I Sell My Furniture”?
The main reason for this is very simple, I get a LOT of help from friends, colleagues, family,… For which I’m very grate full, thank you all!
This is also why all our creations are named after close friends/helpers