What is “We Sell Our Furniture”

We Sell Our Furniture, founded in 2014, is a young new label in the interior world.
It all started with one thought, to offer well designed items for a price I would feel comfortable with spending myself, without losing out on Quality and looks!

In the beginning it all started with combining my own designs, vintage furniture and topping it off with small pieces that are made to measure to fit perfectly in your home, this way I wanted to help in every aspect home decoration!

After some time the made to measure projects became bigger and more fun. In order to still be able to deliver good quality items, this pushed me to the point where unfortunately I had to close the vintage part of We Sell Our Furniture. But this meant I was able to focus more on made to measure and change the workflow in my workshop to a way where big projects, full concepts, retail and Horeca shop became possible.