Geo-charlie desk


Geo-Charlie desk

  • Very clean geometric design
  • Shelf flows into de desk itself to form the right foot
  • Combination of Light wood and raw metal(treated)
  • Unique eyecatcher with a big workingsurface!
  • 165X70Cm    78cm height
  • Contact us if you would like to get this with different dimension
  • 2-3weeks delivery
  • This item is completely made out of FSC wood and can therefore be paid by Paper Eco-cheques

Since our Charlie-desk is getting more and more famous and spread around, I decided to make him a little brother, I started of on the left side with the same idea in mind of a very clean straight look.
This then went over to the right side were crazy angles fold down to form the leg. All this combined formed a gorgeous minimalist piece and with its big surface it makes sure that this is very functional as well!