Cuperus Table

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Cuperus Table,

This table was born out of a redesign of The Zep, we were asked to redesign this lovely coffee table to a design that would be suited as dining-table. Hence the Cuperus table was born!

We have a few options ready to go but don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like a different size/model or colour.

, This wood is often used outdoors and therefore doesn’t need varnish. When being used this wood will become more worn and get more and more the weathered look that gives it its charm.
This is a natural material, so patterns and look can change from the pictures.
Feel free to ask me if you do want an extra coat of protective Varnish!.

Multilayer, a gorgeous piece of wood that is often used as counter-tops or as structural part in large roof structures. The colour and lines in the long way give it a beautiful warm look.

White, this is a lacquered tablet. All of our paint is waterbased and very durable.
Remember, white is beautiful but will show more traces of dirt like streaks from rubber feet(laptop,…) or spots from dirty or metal objects. So this finish requires more cleaning up.

Raw, metal legs that are welded grinded smooth, afterwards they receive a protective coat varnish so they won’t start rusting. This results in a very dark grey look with silver spots on places where it had to be welded

Black, Similar to the raw finish but instead of varnish a black metal paint will be used. This is a paint with a light structure and is very durable(more then the white), this ends up giving a tough satin black look

White, Similar to black, this finish has no structure but still is very durable. Multiple layers are applied to obtain a nice even finish.
Remember, just as the top these legs will show dirt easier and will show light scratches easier then the black legs.


Delivery Term:  +-4Weeks
Before the start of fabrication we will send you a drawing of the exact table to make sure everything is in order. Next to this we also ask  30% advance to start the fabrication.

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Raw metal, Black, White


White, Multilayer, Scaffolding vintage, Scafolding Whitewash