Charlie desk V2.0


Charlie Desk:
This piece started out as a little project to experiment with OSB, a material usually used for construction. I ended up liking the total picture so much that is was the birth of the Charlie desk. The experiment started due to one my friends who loves the look of OSB, this pieces is therefor named after Charlotte, who I affectionately call Charlie.
After a while we did decide to see how it would look like in the wood we originally had in mind, and now we can say Charlie V2.0 is born!


  •  A combination of Cambara Hardwood and light colored mulitplex
  • very clean honest design
  • Handmade in Belgium
  • Original WeSellOurFurniture Design
  • Really affordable solid desk
  • most importantly a nice piece that fits everywhere.
  • 1,2X0,6m  0,75m Height
  • Paper Eco-cheque accepted for this item