Coffeebar Mañana Mañana

Mañana Mañana, a very fun and big project! This brand new soon to be opened Coffeebar in Antwerp is about 2 min away from the lovely Kloosterstraat and makes it the ideal spot for a relaxing coffee after a day of walking around all the cool little shops!

This project started out as a very big white canvas, everything you will see in this bar is handmade and designed specifically for this bar only.
Making it a one of a kind place!

For this project I worked with the idea of combining rough and clean materials. This way I designed and made the tables out of rough steel with a clean popular wooden top. To sit at these tables you’ll have to teak a seat at the bench, made in the same way as the tables but with a comfy leather cushion to give it a more relaxed vibe. Above this bench we installed a big wallsystem made out of cheeseboard and leather belts.

For the bar and kitchen area we switched this around for all the materials.
Working with the rough azobe wood(used to floors of an old ship) and very clean white composite stone counters for easy maintenance. Behind this bar we tried to find the perfect balance between functionality and beauty. Still working with the white counters it makes the whole space flow and look like 1 big piece.

Discover the whole project in real life at Scheldestraat 15, Antwerp or in the pictures below!