Coffeebar Cuperus “horseymarket”

Since a few days Antwerp can count itself lucky with the new Cuperus coffeebar! This was an amazing but very hard project, with a very short deadline I had to come up with some ideas that were feasible but still gorgeous!

Working with Cuperus is always fun, I get a lot of freedom within their ideas to create something that fits them but still is my style.
The main concept of this project was Rust, the coppery color of rust, was the red line throughout the project. With the two big eye catchers being the big-big round table and the rusted out bar!

All benches, tables and counters are made out of the light-colored rubberwood, supported by rusted metal frames. These frames have then been treated to preserve the rusty look and to make it smooth/safe for people to touch without leaving rusty spots allover clothes.

The kitchen and brewbar itself are made out of Black Mdf, with a protective varnish which gives it a very deep black finish. At the the end these were finished of with rusted metal front plates all around the bar giving it a very unique look and making it very durable!


Picture by Fred&Erick Photography

Picture by Fred&Erick Photography

Picture by Fred&Erick Photography

Picture by Fred&Erick Photography

The planning phase!

First few of the rusty frames are done!

Lets start rusting the tables!

First parts of the Black mdf Kitchen

The first rusty fronts are attached and drying..

Work in progress

Cleaning up and …. we are done!