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We are working on a new website to display all of our made to measure projects.
On this new website you will be able to find more info about our way of working, prices,…

In the meantime please don’t hesitate to contact us for more info or pricing info.
And feel free to discover some of our latest projects on this page.

Coffeebar Cuperus “horseymarket”

Since a few days Antwerp can count itself lucky with the new Cuperus coffeebar! This was an amazing but very hard project, with a very short deadline I had to come up with some ideas that were feasible but still gorgeous!

Coffeebar Mañana Mañana

Mañana Mañana, a very fun and big project! This brand new soon to be opened Coffeebar in Antwerp is about 2 min away from the lovely Kloosterstraat and makes it the ideal spot for a relaxing coffee after a day of walking around all the cool little shops!

Kitchen, stairs, closets and much more!

I got asked to help out with a complete renovation of a very lovely but very small home. The challenge was to use all the available space as well as possible,

standing wallsystem

This piece was made and designed in a Scandinavian style, the original idea was to design something to store and audio system, some vinyls and a recordplayer.

White minimalist table

This very minimalist table was designed for a young couple that is working on make their house into a cosy warm home.

let there be colour!

This was a lovely porject, it all started to get rid of a bunch of seperate little closets in a hallway and to replace it with one big piece where it would be possible to store books, clothing, laptop, ….

Custom Workshop closet

One of our colleagues was in desperate need of some storage solution, since she also works in de interior field she wanted that was practically but also aesthetically pleasing.